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Sergei Bongart








Charles Hawthorne

In her workshops and classes Jeanette Le Grue offers a fresh, contemporary approach to color.  Her unique method combines her own background and experience with the teachings of the great masters, especially Sergei Bongart and Charles Hawthorne.

Jeanette was born on Kodiak Island, Alaska, a place famous for its salmon fishing and stunning northern lights.  Her French father, Henry Le Grue, first noticed Jeanette’s eye for color, and encouraged her to become a painter.  Her early study of the French Impressionists deepened her interest in color and light.  She followed Monet’s advice to “just see”  the triangle of yellow, or the rectangle of blue.

Jeanette’s method is also based on the teachings of the Russian Master Sergei Bongart (1918-1985) and the American painter Charles Hawthorn (1872-1930).  Bongart taught that no color should be viewed in isolation, but in relationship to the whole canvas.  He advised the painter to think color first, subject last.  Similarly, Hawthorn told his students:  “anything under the sun is beautiful if you have the vision for it.  It is the seeing of the thing that makes it so.”  He advised, “Have no formulas for anything, search constantly through observation.”  Hawthorn also taught how to differentiate between color and tone, and to create the illusion of light by using a wide color range.

In Jeanette’s workshops students learn how to apply these important principles to their own work as contemporary painters.  She shows how to begin by seeing the large shapes first, silhouettes of color using the full spectrum of the pallet.   Jeanette uses no formulas, but teaches students how to observe what they actually see, rather than what they think they know.   “My approach is to paint from life, always, with the eyes of a child coupled with the skill of a practiced hand.”

Jeanette’s contribution to color theory and practice has been documented in the American Artist's "Color" publication as being among "the best advice on oil colors" for a decade; and in reviews in Southwest Art Magazine (see “About The Artist”).


Here’s what students say about Jeanette’s workshops:

"Thank you for a great 2 days!"


"First, I really appreciated the recommended reading list.  The books are extremely interesting to read and a great help. Your lecture before we began gave us a clear focus for our day.  You have a great way of explaining things! Your demonstrations were the best I have ever watched.  And, your interaction with us and interpreting our needs, was again, the best I have ever experienced. Since Saturday, I have thought many times about all the things that I learned.....with or without sun, wind, smoke or fog!"

"Jeanette, I just wanted to thank you for a really great workshop. Even though I had a rough time painting, I got so much from those 2 days. I have been painting since and can see some real progress as a result of this last workshop. Thank you so much. If there's room, I would like to sign up for all of the remaining workshops."

F      is for Jeanette’s French Father and Fishing off Kodiak Island.

I       is for Impressionism, its emphasis on color & light.

S      is for Sergei (Bongart), the great, Russian master.

H      is for Hawthorn (Charles), who founded the Cape Cod School of Art.

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