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There are a variety of possibilities for plein air equipment these day - some really great products. This is what I am currently using:

Here is my plein air backpack, the "Palm Pak" by Palm Palette:

I use a Soltek Pro easel, a Palm Palette "Innie" and carry them in a Palm Pak backpack, by Palm Palette.

There is plenty of room for a roll of paper towels, all my supplies, and even some types of wet panel carriers (see below). Total weight (with all my paint): 23 lbs.

Everything here fits in my Palm Pak backpack:


1. Palm Palette "Innie"

2. Paper towels (Viva)

3. Large plastic bag to put over gear if it rains.

4. Allen wrenches for my easel and other equipment.

5. Pliers

6. Large tube of white paint (which doesn't fit inside the easel).

7. Plastic grocery bags for garbage, which I hang off the front of my easel.

8. Turp can

9. Large clamp to attach my turp can to my easel.

10. Handy wipes

11. Emergency rain poncho

12. Masking tape

13. Duck tape (a small amount).

14. Hat

15. 2 Umbrellas (one for the sun from above and a second one for side glare).

16. Nitrite gloves

17. Business cards

18. Bungee cord

19. Sunscreen

20. Insect repellant

21. Pepper spray

22. Pens & Pencils in a toothbrush holder.

23. Note pad

24. Water

25. Food bar snack

26. Cash

27. View finder with dry erase pen.

28. Mirror (to check my work).

29. Twist ties

30. Band-Aids

31. Rubber bands

32. Aspirin or other medications








Here is my plein air easel, by Soltek:

My paint, brushes, brush holder, and Palm Palette "Innie", all  fit inside the Soltek easel.






Here you can see that I can put my paint on the Palm Palette  "Innie" inside the Soltek Easel...before I go out to paint!

Paint tubes are stored underneath if you think you will need more paint. Otherwise you can just fill the palette and leave the paint in your car.

On the far right is a picture of the Palm Palette "Innie" opened up, and the palette knives I use on it.



Here are three different wet panel carriers I use:

1. Ray Mar - Holds 6 wet paintings 1/8th inch boards.

2. Panel Pak - Holds 2 wet paintings.

3. Art Cocoon - Holds 1 wet painting.

...take your pick.











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